Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obsession - Raical Isalm.........

I recently received a DVD in the mail called Obsession: Radical War Against the West.  I don't know why I got it, or who sent it, why, other than the Clarion Fund (the producers of this DVD).  I did find it odd that I received this a month before the election of the president.  

What does this DVD say??    

1.  Radical Islamist hate America and they are preparing themselves to kill the infidels.  They want to destroy the west.

2.  They are growing up a generation of ideological hate toward the west. 

3.  The are like the Nazi's - they cannot be trusted - they want to take over the world - they brainwash their children, like the Hitler youth did.  

4.  The media of the Islam covers hate speech etc

5.  We must do something to stop this - or many will die and many Nazi states will be formed.

6.  moderate isalmists should be speaking out against terrorism.  

What it doesn't say?

1.  Never says why the radical Islamist hate the west.

2.  Never says what a non-Islamic should do.

This film definitely has ideology of its own.  I think the timing of when I received the DVD speaks to that, but more importantly the trailer speaks volumes.  Many images of terrorism, news  anchors saying that this movie is, "The most important movie you will ever see" or something like that, and showing us how naive we are about the radical Islamic movement.

I was not suprized by this film, as I think the news has reported on this pretty well over the last 7 years.  They don't flood one with these images, but I always got the massage that many hate the US.  

The movie spends 95% of the time scaring the audience and 5% toward a movement of doing something about this problem.  If they are interested in do something about this problem then why spend so little time about it?  This is clearly a scare film!  

So what do we do?  If we are scared about this seemingly harsh truth then we must do something.  We cannot wait around for another terrorist attack.....   The only solution the movie gives is that moderate Islamist need to call out and protest the terrorists.  What kind of solution is that?  

Certainly more needs to be done if they are like Nazi Germany.  Maybe we should have a preemptive strike...but that is nonsense!!  They are very different from Nazi Germany in many ways.

Certainly terrorism exists.  There are many Islamists spreading hate and lies, indoctrinating their children, and blowing themselves up.  This is a problem.  They have and do plan and execute terrorist attacks.   But why are we not getting attacked daily?  It would not be that hard to cause real damage to many industries and services that we all count on.  I think that this film blows the threat way out of per portion, because we have not been attacked in a while and we are doing something about this threat.  We are in the middle east fighting right now.  

What more should we do?  I sure wish the film would tell us!  Is it better to try to invest in these countries and create jobs, improve America's image in the world, beat them all up??  

I do agree that we must watch out for things like future Nazi states, but I wonder how much good we have done since WWII.  If we had tried to help the economies of the poor countries 50 years ago would we be in this situation?       

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