Tuesday, February 26, 2008

March of the DRM Free Music

If you don't know what DRM (Digital Rights Management) is then you probably don't have an ipod. This is the software embedded in a media file, usually a mp3, to restrict its use. The idea being that you can only play these files on one or two devices. I wanted to point out a couple of new DRM free sites that have popped up recently.

Amazon MP3
  • They have an enormous library from all styles with generous clips and an easy and quick interface.
  • The price is good with most tracks being $1 or less, and you can also drink pepsi and enter in the codes to get free downloads.
  • Amazon Unbox features movies and tvs show for download. Both are excellent. amazon.com

Deutsche Grammophon
  • One of the biggest classical labels in the world and has some of the best artists.
  • Tracks start at $1.29 and go up according to track length (no more must we buy and download whole albums for one track).
  • Many "out of print" titles are now finally available!!

Your favorite artist may also be selling their music on there own website. Check it out.

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