Saturday, July 12, 2008

Louisiana is on the creationist band wagon! grrrr!

Governor Jindal has signed a bill that will let teachers teach creationism along side evolution in the Louisiana public school system. Here is the story.

Here is a e-mail rant that I sent to the Governor. E-mail him here with your own thoughts.

Dear Governor,

I was shocked when I found out that you signed Senate bill 733 into law. This is clearly a "teach the controversy" bill. A win for creationists and the Discovery Institute. I am deeply troubled about the education of our students.

There is no controversy about evolution or any other science that is being taught in the public school system. If there is a controversy in science...why have students debate it? They and their teachers lack the time and resources to tackle any controversy that has risen or may rise in science.

The peer review process is in place for these controversies. Small detailed controversies appear all the time that don't affect the big theory that is being discussed. These small problems are so specialized that most laymen would have no idea what problems and solution were being raised.

One big theory controversy that did occur not too long ago was the theory of plate tectonics. It was not taught in the schools as scientific fact until the dust had settled among the scientific community. Evolutions' dust settled over a century ago. Creationism is based on the supernatural, belief, faith, etc. Science cannot be based on the supernatural. Therefore creationism is not science.

Truth is almost impossible to nail down. If someone believes in creationism or intelligent design, then great! Maybe that is the real truth. But it does not mean that it is science. Science has brought the human race so many wonderful cures and conveniences. Why would we want our children to not learn science and instead learn pseudoscience? How will they be able to tell the difference? How would a pseudoscience like creationism be able to help cure diseased like HIV? When science, that has and will change, has been able to help so many with that awful disease.

I am very disappointed Governor Jindal. I thought you were above the politics of this. I still believe and have faith that you and your family think that creationism is not science. Although you will probably say the truth that this bill does not advocate the teaching of creationism, and you would be right. It sure opens the doors for creationism and other pseudoscience into our schools.
I am sure that I could edit this a bit and make it more coherent. But I am mad and I am taking action!

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